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An Israeli (Ron Prosor) & and Arab view on the Iran deal (Daily Alert)

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July 21, 2015

“When the Villain Is Laughing, You Know Something Is Wrong” – Israeli UN Ambassador Ron Prosor (Permanent Mission of Israel to the UN)

Following the UN Security Council meeting on Iran on Monday, Israel’s ambassador Ron Prosor said:

  • Today, you have awarded a great prize to the most dangerous country in the world. The international community is taking steps to lift the sanctions on Iran without first waiting to see if Iran complies with even a single obligation in the agreement.
  • This agreement gives Iran a seat on the commission which will decide whether or not it has violated the agreement. This is like allowing a criminal to sit on the jury which will decide his own fate.
  • You haven’t changed Iran’s destructive ideology, which goes beyond proliferating deadly weapons and funding terror. You have given the source of the problem – Iran – money, stability at home, and time to carry out its destructive ideology.
  • You can find Iran’s fingerprints in every corner of the globe, targeting innocent civilians, smuggling arms, financing terrorist groups, and engaging in illegal proliferation activity. Now, what did the world do to respond to Iran’s growing empire of terror? It voted to empower it. It voted to strengthen it. It voted to fund their expansion.
  • The Iranians are laughing in everyone’s face. When the villain is laughing, you know something is wrong. When we hear laughter from a country whose Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, says that even after the agreement is signed, Iran will continue the battle against the United States, Iran will continue supporting terrorists in the Middle East and around the world – something is wrong.
  • When we hear laughter from a country whose president, just days before the agreement was signed, marches at the head of a parade in Tehran in which American and Israeli flags are burned – something is wrong.
  • We in Israel tend to take it seriously when someone threatens to destroy us. In future years, the consequences of this mistake will become clear to all, but for Israel, tomorrow is already too late.

Thwarting Iran’s Regional Dominance – Abdulrahman al-Rashed (Al-Arabiya)
The Iranian regime is like a monster that was tied to a tree and finally set loose in our region. This means we are on the threshold of a new, bloody era.
Verbal promises from Washington will not be enough, and Iranian pledges will not reassure us.

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