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Operating Principles

Accuracy: To the best of our ability, sources we publish or reproduce are believed to be accurate. We can’t check the bona fides of each contributor or the accuracy of every secondary source report but we will make an effort to choose sources known to be reliable.

Governance:  An editor is a freely independent individual volunteer who may be approved oreplaced as a contributor at the decision and discretion of the BoardThe editors will decide if the article or topic is suitable, and if so, will approve it for inclusion on the site. Editorial policy will be set by the Board of the IAA. The editors will be chosen by the Board. The Board will set its own membership. The editors may serve on the Board at the discretion of the Board. Any subscriber to the blog may apply to serve as an editor, or as a Board member.

The News That Fit To Print:  We publish a 24/7 resource at IsraelAA.ca . The site will contain articles relevant to Israel, its challenges and its successes. Articles on Jewish Canada, terrorism/jihadism, human rights and other related topics will also be offered.

Openness and Transparency:  Any member, reader, blogger or Board member of IsraelAA.ca may submit an article or topic to be covered in the blog, to the blog’s editors.

Action, Not Just Words: We strongly encourage use of the site to bring about change, as well as share information. When it is felt that activism is required for a given issue, subscribers to the site will be polled, encouraged and given opportunity to help determine a course (or possible courses) of action.

Liability: Not all submissions will be accepted for publication. These stories, reviews or postings found on the site are from individuals and sources that we reasonably believe to be responsible, honest and accurate to the best of our limited knowledge, limited due diligence resources, and ability. Where intellectual property rights and proprietary copyright rules exist, this will be indicated and respected.

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