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Abbas’ Legacy: Expanded Payments to Terrorists – Lt.-Col. (ret.) Maurice Hirsch (J. Post via Daily Alert)

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Mar. 5, 2019

Abbas’ Legacy: Expanded Payments to Terrorists – Lt.-Col. (ret.) Maurice Hirsch (Jerusalem Post)
  • PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas chooses to reward terrorists at the expense of law-abiding Palestinians. Even though the PA has provided financial incentives to Palestinian terrorists since its creation, under Abbas’ leadership these payments have grown tremendously.
  • In 2006, Abbas approved the regulations for monthly salary payments to Palestinian terrorists. In 2010, he approved a salary hike for terrorist prisoners, including a 300% rise for murderers. In 2007, 2009 and 2013, Abbas approved a hike in the monthly allowances for families of dead terrorists, including suicide bombers.
  • As the number of terrorists has grown, so too did the annual PA expenditure to fund their rewards. At the same time, Abbas is constantly asking the international community to fund the needs of the Palestinian population.
  • After years of silence, the U.S. enacted the Taylor Force Act in March 2018, conditioning any additional U.S. support to the PA on ending its “pay-to-slay” policy. In July 2018, Israel passed a similar law. In December 2018, the Dutch Parliament decided to reduce its support to the PA, pending the abolition of pay-to-slay.
  • Abbas’ response to the new Israeli law deducting the amount paid to terrorists from tax transfer payments to the PA was to refuse to accept any of the remaining funds from Israel.
  • Abbas is now positively choosing to inflict financial ruin on all the Palestinians, beginning with pay cuts to public employees, in order to continue paying terrorist murderers.

    The writer, who served for 19 years in the IDF Military Advocate General Corps, is head of legal strategies for Palestinian Media Watch.

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