The Giro d’Italia in Israel and BDS (J. Post)

May 3, 2018

The Jerusalem Post is excited by the potential impact of the Giro d’Italia, which will commence in Jerusalem on Friday – the first time any of cycling’s three Grand Tour races is being held outside Europe, and states: “This event is also a spit in the eye to the BDS movement, a force that some try to marginalize but which does pose a concrete economic threat to Israel.”  Concerned that if BDS sanctions remain unchecked Israel’s political standing could be severely damaged, the editor declares: “In the face of those ongoing threats, the Giro glides in like a whoosh of welcome fresh air to counter the BS of the BDS. Holding the event in Israel is not just significant for Israel as a mega sporting event being held here, it is another defeat for the nefarious boycott movement.”

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